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Hire Landscaping and Hardscaping Experts in Annapolis

Hardscaping is a landscaping technique that creates hard areas, like streets, walkways and sidewalks. Most of this work is done in urban areas, but homes can receive this treatment. Hard materials look just as attractive as soft ones. Concrete is one material that looks very different when different colors and stamps are applied. In contrast, softscaping is a technique that mostly includes living creatures, like trees, plants and flowers. Landscaping Annapolis is not an amateur project, so hiring a qualified worker is the only way to get the best results.

Brick and concrete are common materials used to create paths and patios. Retaining walls are popular elements used to make borders between soft and hard earth. Some waterscapes that form borders are hardscapes, especially when the water is prevented from spilling into the soil. Some hardscapes are set up in difficult areas where plants cannot be placed. Some are placed in areas of significant human traffic.

Starting with hardscapes is important because it is the hardest to deal with. The injury risks are decreased because no plants get in the way. Some designers prefer curved items over straight ones. Curved walls and paths can soften the landscape. It is beneficial to create a style that differs from the typical, hard, straight lines that are seen in roads and driveways.

Constructing patios, creating walls and making fences are common  Annapolis hardscaping tasks. The design options are infinite in the minds of the designer and landscape owner. The best landscape contains both soft and hard features. Looking at all aspects is an important way to build long-term success. Ciminellis Landscaping Service has the skills and experience needed to design a personalized landscape with the style, border, pattern and material of choice. Every part of the project is discussed with the utmost care and thought. It is easy for new and current customers to call and ask about the services.

At Ciminellis We Have a Commitment and Dedication to Quality Landscaping and Customer Service

Business Philosophy: To provide our customers with quality landscape construction and maintenance as well as friendly and responsive customer service.

Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers by enhancing and beautifying their homes as well as solving any existing landscape problems. We specialize in landscape renovation and construction with craftsmanship and Eco-landscaping in Annapolis incorporating environmentally sensitive solutions to landscapes using Rain Gardens, Storm Water Management, Green Roofs, Living Walls, Native Plantings, Permeable Pavement and more.

We run our business with integrity in all areas while designing and installing landscapes that meet the needs and exceeds the expectations of our customers. We provide respectful working conditions for our employees and commit to the community by participating in charitable outreach in local schools, Christmas in April, See Forever Foundation, Annapolis Historic Society, The River Keepers, The Chesapeake Bay Foundation and more.

Matt Ciminelli was in the first group of professionals in the nation to obtain the certification as a Green Roof Professional, we are certified LiveRoof installers, Interlocking Concrete Products Industry and National Concrete Masonry.

Ciminellis Landscape Services has over 20 years of experience and will work with you to create an Annapolis landscape that is beautiful, creative, functional and within your budget. As always, all of our work is guaranteed. Your satisfactions is our goal.


Customer Testimonial

The wall, rock wall and garden are exactly as we had hoped and we hope you will pass on our appreciation for a job very well done to Jose and his coworkers. They worked hard and did a fine job from start to finish. – Robert, Davidsonville


Thank you very much for all your help with the driveway project. It came out great and we are very pleased with it! – Brian and Sue

Green Roofs and Walls are Beautiful and Good for the Environment

Do you want to set your landscape apart from the landscapes around it with unique and beautiful foliage that will give your yard a unique and inviting look? If so, you should be thinking about green roofs and walls. Right now, you might be thinking, “That’s crazy! Why would I paint my home walls and roof green — that would look absurd!” However green roofs and walls are not home structures that have simply been painted green. They’re also not just parts of a structure that are more environmentally friendly — though this does play a role — green roofs and walls are roofs and walls that are alive because they are composed almost entirely of plants.

A green roof or wall is part of a structure in your wall that has been incorporated into the surrounding foliage. When you choose a green roof or wall, you encourage plants to climb that wall or grow on that roof. This makes your yard’s structure look beautiful, covered with rich, green foliage — it is an exterior look that produces a welcoming, natural effect, an effect that can’t be mimicked by painting or other man-made devices.

Green roofs and walls are also — well — green, environmentally green, that is. When you encourage plants to grow along a building structure, those plants serve as additional insulation and also cool the building’s walls. This means that the building must use less energy for temperature control. Green roofs are also sustainable, since green roofs often last longer than other types of roofs. This means that using a green roof or walling system can decrease your energy bill, lower your bills, and make the outside of your home appear much more inviting, all by simply including this landscaping element in your yard.

To ensure a green roof or wall is implemented and cared for successfully, you must ensure you have a professional overseeing the project. Landscapers like Ciminellis Landscaping specialize in green roof and wall care and can help you add this feature to your home and landscape. Visit Ciminellis at http://www.ciminellislandscape.com/green-roofs-walls.

Customer Testimonial

Just a short note to tell you how happy we are with our new front yard. Your crew were courteous and excellent workers. I was so impressed by their initiative. They all took pride in their work. Thank you so much!

– Carol and Arnie

Ciminellis Takes Over Meadowfarms, Remake Nursery as ‘Eco-Oasis’

If you have not been to the Meadows Farms Nursery on Central Avenue in Prince George’s County in a while, you’re in for a surprise. The nursery, located just a few miles west of the Patuxent River Bridge, is now home to Ecoasis Garden Center, a venture of Matt and Donna Ciminelli, owners of Ciminellis Landscape Services.
Meadows Farms Nursery on Central Avenue is now home to Ciminellis Ecoasis Garden Center.

The Lothian couple purchased the nursery in October of last year. After months of renovations, the garden center officially opened in March.

The Ciminellis’ have big plans for Ecoasis which they said is a “traditional garden center that offers eco-friendly alternatives and resources for the home gardener.”

To start, Matt and Donna are re-stocking the inventory with trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials. The Ciminellis’ source most of their plants from local growers such as Homestead Growers, TSB Enterprises and Hall Growers.

The couple is working to obtain a permit for a Farmer’s Market where local farmers can sell their fruits and vegetables.

In addition, Donna said the couple is planting a vegetable garden on the property and will sell the produce along with fresh-cut flowers.

Matt, who is an Anne Arundel County Beekeeper, plans to sell local honey. In fact, the beehive is due to arrive any day.

The nursery is stocked with earth-friendly products, rain barrels, composters, eco-mats, bio-logs and much more.

Matt said the garden center offers flower and vegetable plants in eco-friendly containers  and encourages customers to drop off the plastic trays and pots at his garden center for recycling.
Ecoasis has a variety of locally-sourced annuals, perennials and vegetable plants.

“Just drop them off at the front gate and we will re-use them,” said Matt.

Matt is very active in the local environmental scene. He works with local riverkeepers and Master Gardeners and is a currently a candidate in the Watershed Stewards Academy class of 2012.

The couple plans to host educational seminars with conservation and environmental experts as well as hold family-friendly events such as S’mores nights.

Ciminellis Ecoasis Garden Center is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The nursery is located at 18301 Central Avenue.

What are Ecoscaping Services

Matt Ciminelli, President and owner of Ciminelli’s Landscape Services, Inc. is one of an inaugural group of professionals to achieve the Green Roof Professional Accreditation developed by Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, a not for profit organization of the Green Roof experts. Their mission is to increase the awareness of the economic, social and environmental benefits of green roofs and green walls and other forms of architecture.

The GRP designation demonstrates that Matt has attained the level of interdisciplinary knowledge of the best practices associated with the successful design, installation and maintenance of green roof and green wall systems.

What are Green Roofs and Green Walls and why build them?
Green roofs and green walls are substantially covered with living plants. They offer significant long-term economical and environmental advantages.

How do Rain Gardens improve water quality?
Rain gardens allow rain to slowly penetrate the soil as opposed to quickly running off into storm drains, carrying pollutants and particles into our creeks, rivers and Bay. They are designed to use an existing low spot in the landscape.

How can we use Pervious Surfaces?
Pervious surfaces are used to reduce water runoff to improve and regenerate groundwater supplies and reduce pollutants in the waterways.

Tips for April Planting

Spring is here and I’m sure you have been out in your yard surveying and planning for a beautiful season.  The trees and bulbs are blooming…and the weed seeds are sprouting.  Now is the best time to control weeds in your planting beds.  All perennial and annual weeds should be removed – we recommend only mechanical removal – not the use of harsh weed killing herbicides.  Most annual weeds are easily removed at this time of year before they have had a chance to develop strong root systems and most critically – create THOUSANDS of seeds.  Perennial (returns every year), weeds need their entire root system to be removed or they will come back.  Clean and rake your beds and then apply at least a two to three inch layer of mulch – preferably shredded hardwood, cedar or pine.  These mulches stay in place and shade the ground to prevent weed seeds from sprouting.

Lawn weeds are a little tougher to control naturally, but there is a product called WOW made from corn gluten that is a natural pre-emergent weed control product for lawns.  It will also stop any lawn seed from sprouting, so it should only be used if your lawn is established.

Preparations for a Beautiful Landscape and Successful Spring Planting

Emerging from the shadow of winter’s gloom, spring is the ideal time for taking stock of a home’s landscaping and flower beds. A homeowner or a professional landscaper should first walk around the garden and check for signs of winter damage, and decide what needs to be repaired, extended or created to neaten or improve the landscaping. It is also the time to plan for the planting of trees, shrubs and perennials.

Timely preparation and planning is vital for successful spring planting and a beautiful summer show. A reliable landscaping company can work with homeowners to provide advice, make suggestions and undertake the necessary work. Preparations might include:

– Soil Analysis: This will determine if soil amendments are needed to provide optimal growing conditions for perennials and annuals. Compost may need to be added to enrich the existing soil.

– Mulching: Early mulching conserves the moisture in the ground and suppresses weed growth. Depriving weed seeds of light inhibits their germination.

– Plant Division: Some plants may have reached a size that warrants division. This prevents overcrowding and opens up space for adding annual plants for summer-long color. Some plants may need to be removed altogether.

– Trimming Trees and Shrubs: Some trees and shrubs may need to be trimmed and to have dead wood removed. Providing structure to the garden, they should accentuate the flowers – not detract from them with untidy appearances.

Landscaping Lights: A special tree or shrub could be up-lighted for a spectacular effect.

– Retaining Walls: Old walls might need replacing. Signs of soil erosion or water run-off could indicate the need for new retaining walls, some of which could be created to provide raised flower beds.

– Edgings: Flower beds are the canvasses upon which the garden will be painted with flowers, and edgings are the frames. undefined edgings will take away from the most-lovingly tended plants.

– Lawns: These should not be overlooked. Repairs and pest control should be undertaken before problems become worse.

For a beautiful landscape and successful gardening, a trusted landscaper is a gardener’s best friend.



Add a Pool Deck to a Backyard

Pool decks are unparalleled in their ability to wow guests when they come over for a visit. Homeowners with concrete sidewalks or patios around their pools should consider adding a deck to all or a portion of the area around the pool. The spring is a great time to add a deck to a pool area and have it ready for use when the weather begins to warm in a few weeks.

There are several reasons why to add a wood or composite deck around the pool. The primary one is the boost for the overall aesthetics of the pool area. A well constructed deck that is either stained or left the natural color of the wood is beautiful and will easily blend into a natural setting around the pool. Concrete patios or sidewalks around a pool can be very hot and appear uninviting if they are not shaded or landscaped properly. A few well placed trees, an umbrella, or a few pots of plants are all that is typically need to make a deck fit right in and be comfortable.

Traditionally decks have been constructed with redwood, treated pine, or cedar. These are still great alternatives and will provide years of low maintenance service. However, new composite materials have become the go to material on decks for a lot of contractors. Composite deck boards are made from cement and will last for decades with little to no maintenance required. The composite boards are a little more costly to install, but in the long run pay for themselves because they will not likely require replacing.

A deck is a great addition to a back yard. This is especially true for yards with a pool. The typical deck construction time for a professional crew is a week to 10 days. Home owners that act quickly can get a contractor scheduled in enough time to ensure they will be enjoying their new pool deck this summer.