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Hardscaping is a Great Investment

When individuals think about beautifying their outdoor space they typically think about living additions like trees, shrubs and flowers but permanent structures can be an even better investment in the long run. Flowers, trees and shrubs are classified as landscaping; stone patios, retaining walls and stone steps are called hardscaping. Hardscaping offers a strong focal […]

Ciminelli’s Offers A Wide Variety Of Landscape Services

Since 1991, Ciminelli’s Landscape Services in Lothian, Maryland has provided complete landscape, hardscape, and specialized eco-scaping/greenscaping work in and around the Annapolis area, combining professionalism with unmatched customer service that has earned them recognition as a leader in home beautifying. Ciminelli’s prides itself on the amazing variety of custom landscaping services they are able to […]


What is the best way to handle snow and ice on your walkways, driveways or patios.  How about the snow flattening your beautiful foundation shrubs? If you are snowblowing, plowing or shoveling – be aware of the plants in the area you are moving the snow to.  This “manmade” snow cover is usually the most damaging because […]

Going Green with Eco Scaping

Whether it be to save water, save the environment or save money, eco-scaping offers a lot of options for garden-lovers. By using new technology as well as reusing resources, it possible to improve the look of a yard and use less tap water without causing detrimental damage to the environment. Think all of those lush […]

What is Hardscaping?

A beautiful outdoor space can make all the difference in how a business or home is perceived. It is called curb appeal, and beautiful curb appeal usually means beautiful landscaping. What many people may not realize that landscaping is divided into two categories. Softscaping is all the living elements in the landscape, such as grass, […]

Spring 2010 | Ciminelli’s Customer Testimonials

Spring 2010 Dear Matt, We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and recognize what a beautiful job Ciminelli’s Landscape Services did in transforming our back yard this spring. From your patience with us in developing the plan, to the professional way your crew conducted themselves, and the stone mason artistry and craftsmanship in […]