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Landscape Lighting

Homes on spacious lots in Lothian give home owners the perfect opportunity to incorporate landscape lighting. Ciminelli Landscape designs ways to light neighborhood yards with an accent on safety as well as on aesthetic appeal. The transformation that is possible with innovative lighting can change an ordinary landscape into one that is truly dramatic. The […]

Ecoscaping: What are Green Walls?

Green walls have nothing to do with paint, but are living structures composed of green plants. Ciminelli’s Landscape Services in Lothian, Maryland, are experts in the art of ecoscaping and the utilization of living plants on roofs and wall structures. Not only lush and beautiful, green roofs and walls add to the natural feeling and design. They […]


To fertilize or not to fertilize – that is the question You would think that with all the marketing of fertilizers in the Spring,  that it is impossible to grow anything without chemical intervention. Well, just go in time  before the advent of big Agriculture companies and realize that most plants survived and thrived without […]

Bay Pollution Diet and Your Landscaping

Have you kept up on the new federal standards for the total loads of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and sediment for the Chesapeake Bay? According to Will Baker, Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) president, “After 30 years of failed, voluntary programs to save the Bay, EPA appears ready to enforce the Clean Water Act.”  The Clean Water Act, circa 1972, […]

Matt Ciminelli provides education session for the community on September 25 and 26, 2010 at the Annapolis Home Show in Annapolis, Maryland

OVERVIEW Thank you for the opportunity to educate and advance initiatives toward increasing the number of  “Green” communities. Your efforts will positively impact the Chesapeake Bay and create an entire community of concerned citizens whose collective actions  further the area’s commitment to the improving the  health of our waterways and the quality of life in […]