Pervious Pavers

Pervious pavers provide a hard surface for vehicles and for walking while at the same time, allowing for the drainage of storm water directly into the ground. Traditional pavement does not allow water to drain through itself and this water must be drained via the storm water drainage system. The increase of traditional pavement over the years has caused an increased burden on our storm water drainage systems. Pervious pavers help to reverse this trend and help to improve the environment.

There are two basic methods of providing pervious hard surfaces. One method is to use pavers made from traditional materials that provide open spaces between the pavers. These open spaces can be filled with soil and grass or gravel to allow drainage of water into the soil below. The water flows into the spaces between the pavers and then into the ground. The other method is to use pavers made of pervious material such as pervious concrete. Pavers made from pervious material do not need spaces between the pavers since storm water can flow right through the pavers and into the ground below. Not only do pervious pavers reduce the amount of storm water that must be managed by storm water drain systems, they provide filtration to ground water and this improves ground water quality and the water quality of lakes and streams.

Patios, driveways and sidewalks are great places to use pervious pavers. Driveways are an especially good application for pervious pavers since driveways often are large surfaces sloped directly toward storm water drains such as street gutters. Driveways made of pervious pavers would significantly reduce the amount of storm water run-off to the storm water drainage system. Patios are another great place to use pervious pavers since they can reduce the need for a drainage system for the patio.

Ciminelli’s Landscape Services, Inc. specializes in pervious pavers and has installed a number of pervious driveways and patios throughout the Annapolis area. We strive to be on the cutting edge of environmentally friendly landscaping techniques to deliver beautiful designs that are sustainable.