Green Roofs & Walls

Green roofs and green walls are not what you might be thinking. They have nothing to do with the color of their paint. They do, however, have everything to do with the plants that not only surround them, but are actually part of them.

A green roof or wall is actually a living structure. These green roofs and walls are beautiful, natural displays that imitate nature, and present breath-taking examples of green foliage on the structures in your yard. They can be part of a tool shed, part of a retaining wall, part of a patio enclosure. These beautiful displays of flora are used to enhance the look and feeling of your home and yard. But that’s not all.

The addition of greenery to your roof or walls is economical as well as beautiful. What starts out as an extension of nature also provides additional strength and insulation in a particular area or structure. The green plants have a cooling effect, helping to moderate the temperature of the area. Green roofs and green walls also reduce water runoff and filter pollutants. They create beautiful green space and increase the life of a roofing system by 50% or more. Green roofs and green walls facilitate an improvement in the LEED rating of a building.

Because green walls are living walls, part of their substance being living plants, they need special care. But the return you gain from having a green wall makes it well worth the extra care you will give. It’s a small price to pay in upkeep for the beautiful and lasting joy it will bring to you.

Ciminelli’s Landscape Services, Inc. specializes in green roofs and green walls. Matt Ciminelli is one of an inaugural group of professionals to achieve the Green Roof Professional Accreditation. The GRP designation demonstrates that Matt has attained the level of interdisciplinary knowledge and best practices associated with successful design, installation and maintenance of green roof and green wall systems.

Green roofs and walls are most enchanting when they are part of a larger, well-thought-out landscaping project.