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Patios: Not Just for Summer

In mid-June through late August, it”s obvious why you love your patio. On hot summer days it offers a wonderful place for you to rest from your work or play, and on warm summer nights it is a wonderful place to socialize or just rest in the fresh air. However, many home owners don’t realize […]

Hardscaping Services

Building a hardscape is one of the easiest ways to add curb appeal and increase home values. Ciminelli’s Landscape Services provides an array of hardscape projects that will add beauty and functionality to outdoor spaces. The craftsmanship and detail provided in all outdoor projects will translate into an admirable work of art that is also […]

Landscape Drainage Ideas

Landscape drainage ideas One of the most important decisions when landscaping is regarding drainage. Improper drainage can lead to erosion, puddles of standing water, and even property damage. The last thing you want to do is have your yard ruined by standing water, turning it into a muddy mess! Here are some ideas on choosing […]

Hardscaping is a Great Investment

When individuals think about beautifying their outdoor space they typically think about living additions like trees, shrubs and flowers but permanent structures can be an even better investment in the long run. Flowers, trees and shrubs are classified as landscaping; stone patios, retaining walls and stone steps are called hardscaping. Hardscaping offers a strong focal […]

Customer Testimonials

Thank you very much for all your help with the driveway project. It came out great and we are very pleased with it!  – Brian and Sue Everything looks beautiful! Matt really understood our needs and gave us a great design. We will definitely recommend your company to our friends.  – The Lehman’s Thank you […]

Put Those April Showers to Good Use

Spring is the time for showers and it is also the time to consider catching and storing water for summer. Gardens, flowers and lawns often suffer during the hot months and are vulnerable to perishing without a sufficient water supply. Extra water can also come in handy for chores such as car washing. Now is […]


Spring is here and I’m sure you have been out in your yard surveying and planning for a beautiful season.  The trees and bulbs are blooming…and the weed seeds are sprouting.  Now is the best time to control weeds in your planting beds.  All perennial and annual weeds should be removed – we recommend only mechanical […]

Customer Testimonials

I would like to take this opportunity to commend you and your staff for the excellent lawn care we received this past summer. The lawn mowing and shrub cutting were always completed on time and done in a very professional manner. Thanks again for a job well done.  – Department of Natural Resources, Licensing and […]