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Going Green in Annapolis is Easy with Rain Gardens

Rain gardens in Annapolis area are landscaping setups that allow for a “greener” outcome for the homeowner and for the surrounding area than traditional gardens. These gardens are set up to let rain gradually be absorbed by the soil instead of running off the soil into the drainage system. When rain is allowed to run off […]

The Environmental Benefits of a Rain Garden | Annapolis

A rain garden is a place where rainwater collects from paved areas, like roofs, pathways and parking lots. Runoff is decreased and rainwater absorbs into the ground instead of flows into drains. Flooding and pollution are prevented. The gardens are suited for certain soils and weather conditions. Reliable Maryland landscape services know how to use […]


Have you thrown your hands up to Mother Nature yet? If not, then  you must have had Ciminelli’s Landscape Services renovate your landscaping to include native plantings, properly chosen plants, rain barrels, rain gardens, drainage control and beautiful, low maintenance hardscaping. Most yards will look good in April and May, but the real test of the […]

Put Those April Showers to Good Use

Spring is the time for showers and it is also the time to consider catching and storing water for summer. Gardens, flowers and lawns often suffer during the hot months and are vulnerable to perishing without a sufficient water supply. Extra water can also come in handy for chores such as car washing. Now is […]