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Landscape Lighting

Homes on spacious lots in Lothian give home owners the perfect opportunity to incorporate landscape lighting. Ciminelli Landscape designs ways to light neighborhood yards with an accent on safety as well as on aesthetic appeal. The transformation that is possible with innovative lighting can change an ordinary landscape into one that is truly dramatic. The […]

Ecoscaping: What are Green Walls?

Green walls have nothing to do with paint, but are living structures composed of green plants. Ciminelli’s Landscape Services in Lothian, Maryland, are experts in the art of ecoscaping and the utilization of living plants on roofs and wall structures. Not only lush and beautiful, green roofs and walls add to the natural feeling and design. They […]

Ciminelli’s Landscaping in Winter

Winter is no excuse for an Annapolis landscape and garden to not be tended to. Indeed, in some cases they may need more tending to than during the growing season,especially in climates that are cold in the winter. Left to the elements, some plants might freeze or be so damaged that it will be difficult for […]

Get Ready– Winter is Coming

Bulbs Out, Bulbs In – Winterize A Flower Garden Remove flowering bulb plants like gladiola and cannas from flower beds before the first frost. Store them indoors in brown paper bags in a moderately warm spot. Plant flowering bulb plants like tulips, belles of the snow, hyacinth and daffodils in autumn. Pruning Trees And Shrubs […]