Landscape Drainage Ideas

Landscape drainage ideas One of the most important decisions when landscaping is regarding drainage. Improper drainage can lead to erosion, puddles of standing water, and even property damage. The last thing you want to do is have your yard ruined by standing water, turning it into a muddy mess! Here are some ideas on choosing the right drainage system for you. One of the best times to see how your yard drains is after a heavy rainstorm. If you find standing water and drenched beds, it is recommended that you install a drain line or two.

One option is called a channel drain. These drains are ideal for keeping runoff from your patio from flooding the nearby landscaping. They are installed into the concrete to guide water away from the house and into a pipe which sits below the concrete level. Yard debris is kept out of the pipe by a protective grate that sits along the channel. The channel drain is connected to another pipe, which guides water away from the house. Channel drains are also reccomened for pool owners to help keep chlorinated water away from the house foundation and off of the lawn. French drains are another popular option. Although it sounds fancy, French drains are simply trenches lined with pipes or gravel. French drains are best for sloping yards, or for yards that have excess water runoff from neighboring properties. The ideal location for such a drain would be an out-of-the-way area with sandy soil where the water could collect harmlessly. If you have a downspout tie-in on your roof gutter system, you may want to consider a catch drain. This type of drain is usually connected to a catch basin, which is a concrete or plastic drain that is tied into a larger, underground drainage system. The advantage to this system is that excess water doesn’t build up around your home’s foundation.