Bay Pollution Diet and Your Landscaping

Have you kept up on the new federal standards for the total loads of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and sediment for the Chesapeake Bay? According to Will Baker, Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) president, “After 30 years of failed, voluntary programs to save the Bay, EPA appears ready to enforce the Clean Water Act.”  The Clean Water Act, circa 1972, promised fishable and swimmable waters by 1983. Obviously, this goal was not met.

What can you do or what will you be required to do when maintaining your property? First, the use of chemicals should be minimized to prevent run-off of excessive nutrients. Please see the Growing Green Pledge on our website for information on environmentally friendly practices when landscaping your lawn and consider native plants and rain gardens.

Secondly, when landscaping, drainage, sediment erosion control and storm water control should be considered.  As much as possible, the flash or surge of water during storms should be contained or slowed with rain barrels, cisterns, rain gardens, etc.