Ciminelli’s Offers A Wide Variety Of Landscape Services

Since 1991, Ciminelli’s Landscape Services in Lothian, Maryland has provided complete landscape, hardscape, and specialized eco-scaping/greenscaping work in and around the Annapolis area, combining professionalism with unmatched customer service that has earned them recognition as a leader in home beautifying.

Ciminelli’s prides itself on the amazing variety of custom landscaping services they are able to provide, not only in designing new garden beds and terraces, but also incorporating water features and drainage solutions. They are also experts in yard maintenance, and provide trimming and pruning, leaf removal, and lawn care.

Hardscaping is one of the company’s specialties. Ciminelli’s is well known in the local area as an innovator in the design of patios, stone walks, retaining walls, and driveways that blend naturally with the overall look of the grounds. Using stone, flagstone, and masonry as well as pervious pavers and segmented blocks, an amazing variety of custom hardscape plans can be created. The professionals at Ciminelli’s are dedicated to combining both the stone and garden aspects of their work into an overall design that makes each job one of a kind.

Another part of the company’s efforts is in the area of eco-scaping, where attention to green roof and green wall technology comes into play. The incorporation of plants as part of vertical walls is an exciting and attractive way to control heat transfer from inside a structure to the surrounding environment, and vice-versa. Special rain garden landscaping allows for slow percolation of water into the soil, greatly reducing runoff into storm drains. These plant beds are typically filled with species that hold water in place, acting as a sponge that further stifles unwanted lateral water movement.

The company website,, give prospective customers the opportunity to view picture samples of recent work, as well as offer numerous testimonials from satisfied homeowners. They give online estimates of their service costs based on the details given by the shopper. All of their work is 100% guaranteed, and their company philosophy is simple — providing high quality landscape and maintenance with responsive and friendly customer service. Ciminelli’s has been recognized by various organizations as a leader in eco-friendly technology and implementation.