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Go Green in Annapolis with Eco-Scaping

Whether it be to save water, save the environment or save money, eco-scaping offers a lot of options for garden-lovers. By using new technology as well as reusing resources, it possible to improve the look of a yard and use less tap water without causing detrimental damage to the environment. Think all of those lush lawns and gardens with fountains pay an arm and a leg for that beauty? Think they are all harming the environment? Think again.” href=”https://www.ciminellislandscape.com/services/ecoscaping/” target=”_blank”>eco-scaping in Annapolis offers a lot of options for garden-lovers. By using new technology as well as reusing resources, it possible to improve the look of a yard and use less tap water without causing detrimental damage to the environment. Think all of those lush lawns and gardens with fountains pay an arm and a leg for that beauty? Think they are all harming the environment? Think again.

Here are some simple ways you can change your garden. Instead of “landscaping,” try some of these suggestions to turn your yard into a beautiful “eco-scaped” scene:

Hard-scaping– Try using detailed tiles and neutral pavers to build beautiful opportunities for patios to rest on, paths to explore and driveways for spacious parking. By changing up your outside utopia to include these features, it not only makes your home more attractive and interesting, it can also save resources and money by reducing the need for expensive landscaping in Annapolis. This means that there is less water, fertilizer, pesticide and other chemical additives being used on those spaces. This keeps money in your wallet as well as reduces the impact of chemicals on the environment.

Retaining Walls– Add soil barriers that keep the ground soil in place as a way to reduce leaching, run-off and erosion. This can create beautiful, intricate scenes built at various levels around your yard as well as reduce the amount of topsoil leaving your yard. This helps reduce erosion, meaning your plants stay healthier and you do not have to replace the nutrient-rich topsoil as often.

Rainwater Collecting – Save the water that naturally comes into your yard during rain. This water can be used to water plants, fill ponds and fountains, wash cars, keep bird baths filled and complete other tasks around the yard without coming from your tap or undergoing expensive water treatment processes.

For a sample of all of these suggestions as well as other ways to work eco-scaping into your landscape, check out: https://www.ciminellislandscape.com/services/ Here, they offer a variety of services and options to increase the appearance and cost-efficiency of your yard while saving the environment.

Going Green in Annapolis is Easy with Rain Gardens

Rain gardens in Annapolis area are landscaping setups that allow for a “greener” outcome for the homeowner and for the surrounding area than traditional gardens. These gardens are set up to let rain gradually be absorbed by the soil instead of running off the soil into the drainage system. When rain is allowed to run off in such a manner, it carries pollutants with it into the water supply. This can be a problem for the surrounding area, which will find an increase in toxic materials being found in the water.

Rain gardens can be a perfect way to use a spot in the landscape that may be lower than the rest of the surrounding grounds. This is because the depression in the ground can be used to collect the rainwater. Rain gardens are one way to reduce the amount of pollutants in the local water supply. Ciminelli’s, a long-standing provider of Maryland landscape services, is proud to help customers create one for their own home for landscape design Annapolis.

Rain gardens are vital to the local economy because they can help retain a greater quantity of water, which helps to keep the aquifers replenished. There are also draining and flooding problems that can be headed off by rain gardens. Many people in need of landscaping Annapolis who have a rain garden created find that they increase the beauty in their yard through their use of this kind of garden.

Rain gardens are good for eco-landscaping. They are excellent habitats for many different kinds of animal life. Birds and other kinds of animals may be drawn to the rain garden. Butterflies and other kinds of insects that benefit the health of the yard will be attracted by this eco-friendly installment.

It is important that rain gardens that are installed have the correct distance from the septic system of the house, in addition to being able to receive adequate light from the sun. Ciminelli’s also enhances all of their rain gardens in Annapolis with local plants. For the very best rain gardens in Annapolis, choose Ciminelli’s, a landscaper that has made mastering the creation of these landscapes a priority.

How to Landscape without Harming the Chesapeake Bay

From the Maryland Cooperative Extension:

1. Take a soil test every 3 to 4 years. Fertilize according to soil test recommendations. Use less than the recommended amounts listed on fertilizer packages.

2. Leave grass clippings on your lawn (grasscycling.) They are a source of nitrogen for your lawn and will not contribute to thatch build-up in fescue or bluegrass lawns.

3. Home gardeners tend to over-fertilize flower and vegetable gardens. Reduce or eliminate fertilizer applications in well-established beds if organic matter is being added each year.

4. Don’t fertilize trees and shrubs if they appear healthy and are making adequate shoot and leaf growth.

5. Compost plant residues or incorporate them directly into soil. Discard plants with serious disease problems.

6. When appropriate, substitute slow-release fertilizers for those that are highly soluble and substitute locally available organic fertilizers (well-decomposed farmyard manure, backyard compost and municipal leaf compost) for manufactured chemical fertilizers.

7. Keep fertilizers off hard surfaces. Rain water will carry fertilizer salts into storm drains and surface waters and contribute to nutrient pollution of our waterways.

8. Over time, rainfall causes bare soil to erode and become compacted. Keep bare soil covered with a mulch and plant ground covers in areas where turf won’t grow. Plant winter cover crops in vegetable gardens – like oats, winter rye and crimson clover.

9. Avoid excessive foot or equipment traffic to prevent soil compaction, especially when the soil is wet. Construct terraces for beds on sloped ground. Keep soil in raised beds framed with solid sides.

10. To melt winter ice, use calcium magnesium acetate (CMA), potassium chloride (KCl), sodium chloride (NaCl) or calcium chloride (CaCl2). Do not use urea, potassium nitrate, or other chemical fertilizers containing nitrogen or phosphorous. The salts in these fertilizers may burn the foliage and roots of adjacent plants and wash into and pollute waterways.

Authors : Jon Traunfeld, Regional Specialist, Home and Garden Information Center, Maryland Cooperative Extension

Reviewers: Patricia Steinhilber, Ph.D., Nutrient Management Coordinator, Maryland Cooperative Extension and Judy McGowan, Nutrient Management Specialist, Maryland Department of Agriculture
12/03; revised 9/05; 2/09

At Ciminellis We Have a Commitment and Dedication to Quality Landscaping and Customer Service

Business Philosophy: To provide our customers with quality landscape construction and maintenance as well as friendly and responsive customer service.

Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers by enhancing and beautifying their homes as well as solving any existing landscape problems. We specialize in landscape renovation and construction with craftsmanship and Eco-landscaping in Annapolis incorporating environmentally sensitive solutions to landscapes using Rain Gardens, Storm Water Management, Green Roofs, Living Walls, Native Plantings, Permeable Pavement and more.

We run our business with integrity in all areas while designing and installing landscapes that meet the needs and exceeds the expectations of our customers. We provide respectful working conditions for our employees and commit to the community by participating in charitable outreach in local schools, Christmas in April, See Forever Foundation, Annapolis Historic Society, The River Keepers, The Chesapeake Bay Foundation and more.

Matt Ciminelli was in the first group of professionals in the nation to obtain the certification as a Green Roof Professional, we are certified LiveRoof installers, Interlocking Concrete Products Industry and National Concrete Masonry.

Ciminellis Landscape Services has over 20 years of experience and will work with you to create an Annapolis landscape that is beautiful, creative, functional and within your budget. As always, all of our work is guaranteed. Your satisfactions is our goal.


Ciminellis Takes Over Meadowfarms, Remake Nursery as ‘Eco-Oasis’

If you have not been to the Meadows Farms Nursery on Central Avenue in Prince George’s County in a while, you’re in for a surprise. The nursery, located just a few miles west of the Patuxent River Bridge, is now home to Ecoasis Garden Center, a venture of Matt and Donna Ciminelli, owners of Ciminellis Landscape Services.
Meadows Farms Nursery on Central Avenue is now home to Ciminellis Ecoasis Garden Center.

The Lothian couple purchased the nursery in October of last year. After months of renovations, the garden center officially opened in March.

The Ciminellis’ have big plans for Ecoasis which they said is a “traditional garden center that offers eco-friendly alternatives and resources for the home gardener.”

To start, Matt and Donna are re-stocking the inventory with trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials. The Ciminellis’ source most of their plants from local growers such as Homestead Growers, TSB Enterprises and Hall Growers.

The couple is working to obtain a permit for a Farmer’s Market where local farmers can sell their fruits and vegetables.

In addition, Donna said the couple is planting a vegetable garden on the property and will sell the produce along with fresh-cut flowers.

Matt, who is an Anne Arundel County Beekeeper, plans to sell local honey. In fact, the beehive is due to arrive any day.

The nursery is stocked with earth-friendly products, rain barrels, composters, eco-mats, bio-logs and much more.

Matt said the garden center offers flower and vegetable plants in eco-friendly containers  and encourages customers to drop off the plastic trays and pots at his garden center for recycling.
Ecoasis has a variety of locally-sourced annuals, perennials and vegetable plants.

“Just drop them off at the front gate and we will re-use them,” said Matt.

Matt is very active in the local environmental scene. He works with local riverkeepers and Master Gardeners and is a currently a candidate in the Watershed Stewards Academy class of 2012.

The couple plans to host educational seminars with conservation and environmental experts as well as hold family-friendly events such as S’mores nights.

Ciminellis Ecoasis Garden Center is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The nursery is located at 18301 Central Avenue.

What are Ecoscaping Services

Matt Ciminelli, President and owner of Ciminelli’s Landscape Services, Inc. is one of an inaugural group of professionals to achieve the Green Roof Professional Accreditation developed by Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, a not for profit organization of the Green Roof experts. Their mission is to increase the awareness of the economic, social and environmental benefits of green roofs and green walls and other forms of architecture.

The GRP designation demonstrates that Matt has attained the level of interdisciplinary knowledge of the best practices associated with the successful design, installation and maintenance of green roof and green wall systems.

What are Green Roofs and Green Walls and why build them?
Green roofs and green walls are substantially covered with living plants. They offer significant long-term economical and environmental advantages.

How do Rain Gardens improve water quality?
Rain gardens allow rain to slowly penetrate the soil as opposed to quickly running off into storm drains, carrying pollutants and particles into our creeks, rivers and Bay. They are designed to use an existing low spot in the landscape.

How can we use Pervious Surfaces?
Pervious surfaces are used to reduce water runoff to improve and regenerate groundwater supplies and reduce pollutants in the waterways.

Ciminelli’s Green Roofs and Green Walls

A green wall or a green roof may have little to do with paint color but it has a lot to do with the aesthetics of your home. The green concept is derived from its integration of plants and living foliage into the design and structure of the wall and roof itself. In essence, nature becomes the wall and roof itself creating a living and growing part of your home.

Not only are they a beautiful living work of art, they provide tangible benefits to the home in which they thrive. The addition of natural greenery has a cooling effect on the area surrounding it because of the plants natural carbon dioxide exchange. This same exchange process also purifies the air inside of the home creating a safer and healthier place to breathe.

Green roofs and walls also provide a comprehensive benefit during the rainy fall and spring months by reducing water runoff. The living structure works to absorb the excess water around the home. The complex structure also serves as a highly efficient filtration system filtering out harmful pollutants.

Green roofs provide a unique variety of benefits to the home. Conventional roofs are traditionally the greatest source of heat loss due to inadequate insulation. A green roof is a natural insulator and can reduce the need for air conditioning by over 75% in some regions. For regions prone to fire, a green roof may provide the perfect solution due to its significantly lower burning heat load.

Choosing to integrate a green roof or green wall into your home can be a richly beneficial process especially when working with professionals who care about these benefits for homeowners. Matt Ciminelli of Ciminelli’s Landscape Services, Inc. specializes in green roofs and green walls for exactly this reason. One of the first professional groups to achieve the Green Roof Professional Accreditation, Matt utilizes his dedication to best practices, superior design, and quality installation to bring the best in green roofs and walls home to you. Contact Ciminelli’s Landscape to discover how green walls and a green roof can radically reshape the home you live in.

Eco Friendly Landscaping

A dirty secret surrounding landscaping is that while the process can make a lawn look stunning, it also has a negative impact on the environment. A lot of landscapers use harsh chemicals and equipment that is anything but energy efficient. If you want to improve the appearance of your yard without harming Mother Nature, you need to find a landscaper that is devoted to minimizing environmental impact. Ciminelli’s Landscape Services uses the following techniques to ensure that all landscaping is eco friendly:

Pervious Surfaces

Although traditional pavement provide a hard surface for cars to drive on, they do not allow rainwater to seep into the ground. Instead, storm water drainage systems must be used to remove surface water. As excess runoff makes its way to the sewer system, it picks up fertilizer, oil, salt and other toxins. These increase pollution and decrease water quality. Pervious surfaces are capable of absorbing several gallons of rainwater every minute. While the concrete of traditional pavement is filled with sand, the space between concrete matter is left open in pervious driveways. This allows rainwater to seep through.

A lot of customers are initially put off by the higher upfront cost required for installing pervious driveways. Although the initial cost is somewhat higher than that of traditional driveways, pervious surfaces can actually save you money in the long run. Pervious driveways last much longer than traditional pavement, meaning that you will not have to have your driveway repaved as often.

Green Roofs and Walls

Not only are green roofs and walls environmentally friendly, they are absolutely stunning. This technique especially looks nice in an urban setting where there is little room for trees and shrubs. These living walls are also quite economical, as they naturally help to cool off the home during the summer months, while increasing a roof life by as much as 50 percent. Green roofs and walls help to filter out pollutants from runoff, while also reducing the overall level of runoff.

Through the use of pervious surfaces and green walls, your home and yard can help keep the environment pristine, while reducing your energy bill and the cost of maintenance.

Beneficial Garden Insects

When planning your eco-friendly garden it is important to consider the essential role insects play in protecting your plants. While all gardens have insects, it is important to remember that not all insects are harmful predators looking to eat your plants and flowers and that many insects serve as garden protectors by feasting on the insects looking to destroy your plants. Gardeners and landscapers who indiscriminately use harmful insecticides will kill both the beneficial insects as well as the harmful ones. A good landscaper or gardner knows how to cultivate and use insects to create a natural environment where helpful insects are fostered and encouraged to take on the job of ridding the garden of harmful insects themselves rather than relying on caustic chemicals to do so. An experienced landscaper knows how to recognize and foster the following beneficial insects in his or her garden.

Green Lacewings. Many gardens have aphid problems. However, a landscaper can fend off a potential aphid infestation by making sure that his or her garden has plenty of these little predators. While the adult Lacewing does not eat aphids the larvae do, and do so voraciously. They are so adept at hunting and eating aphids they have been given the nickname “aphid lions.”

Lady Bugs. This common and beloved insect is quite the predator. It regularly feasts on mites, aphids, mealybugs and more. While Lady Bugs are commonly found in many gardens, if you have recently begun experimenting with eco-friendly landscaping and find your garden lacking then they can easily be purchased through mail-order or through a gardening or landscaping supply store.

Praying Mantis. This unusual looking predator feasts on some of the larger garden pests including caterpillars and beetles, making them a nice garden addition. However, they will also eat helpful insects such as Lady Bugs.

With the addition of these beneficial garden insects and more, soon you will be able to enjoy a garden where those buggy little plant and vegetable garden predators are kept in check without having to resort to toxic chemicals.

Ciminelli’s Offers A Wide Variety Of Landscape Services

Since 1991, Ciminelli’s Landscape Services in Lothian, Maryland has provided complete landscape, hardscape, and specialized eco-scaping/greenscaping work in and around the Annapolis area, combining professionalism with unmatched customer service that has earned them recognition as a leader in home beautifying.

Ciminelli’s prides itself on the amazing variety of custom landscaping services they are able to provide, not only in designing new garden beds and terraces, but also incorporating water features and drainage solutions. They are also experts in yard maintenance, and provide trimming and pruning, leaf removal, and lawn care.

Hardscaping is one of the company’s specialties. Ciminelli’s is well known in the local area as an innovator in the design of patios, stone walks, retaining walls, and driveways that blend naturally with the overall look of the grounds. Using stone, flagstone, and masonry as well as pervious pavers and segmented blocks, an amazing variety of custom hardscape plans can be created. The professionals at Ciminelli’s are dedicated to combining both the stone and garden aspects of their work into an overall design that makes each job one of a kind.

Another part of the company’s efforts is in the area of eco-scaping, where attention to green roof and green wall technology comes into play. The incorporation of plants as part of vertical walls is an exciting and attractive way to control heat transfer from inside a structure to the surrounding environment, and vice-versa. Special rain garden landscaping allows for slow percolation of water into the soil, greatly reducing runoff into storm drains. These plant beds are typically filled with species that hold water in place, acting as a sponge that further stifles unwanted lateral water movement.

The company website, www.ciminellislandscape.com/services, give prospective customers the opportunity to view picture samples of recent work, as well as offer numerous testimonials from satisfied homeowners. They give online estimates of their service costs based on the details given by the shopper. All of their work is 100% guaranteed, and their company philosophy is simple — providing high quality landscape and maintenance with responsive and friendly customer service. Ciminelli’s has been recognized by various organizations as a leader in eco-friendly technology and implementation.