Green Roofs and Walls are Beautiful and Good for the Environment

Do you want to set your landscape apart from the landscapes around it with unique and beautiful foliage that will give your yard a unique and inviting look? If so, you should be thinking about green roofs and walls. Right now, you might be thinking, “That’s crazy! Why would I paint my home walls and roof green — that would look absurd!” However green roofs and walls are not home structures that have simply been painted green. They’re also not just parts of a structure that are more environmentally friendly — though this does play a role — green roofs and walls are roofs and walls that are alive because they are composed almost entirely of plants.

A green roof or wall is part of a structure in your wall that has been incorporated into the surrounding foliage. When you choose a green roof or wall, you encourage plants to climb that wall or grow on that roof. This makes your yard’s structure look beautiful, covered with rich, green foliage — it is an exterior look that produces a welcoming, natural effect, an effect that can’t be mimicked by painting or other man-made devices.

Green roofs and walls are also — well — green, environmentally green, that is. When you encourage plants to grow along a building structure, those plants serve as additional insulation and also cool the building’s walls. This means that the building must use less energy for temperature control. Green roofs are also sustainable, since green roofs often last longer than other types of roofs. This means that using a green roof or walling system can decrease your energy bill, lower your bills, and make the outside of your home appear much more inviting, all by simply including this landscaping element in your yard.

To ensure a green roof or wall is implemented and cared for successfully, you must ensure you have a professional overseeing the project. Landscapers like Ciminellis Landscaping specialize in green roof and wall care and can help you add this feature to your home and landscape. Visit Ciminellis at