Tips for April Planting

Spring is here and I’m sure you have been out in your yard surveying and planning for a beautiful season.  The trees and bulbs are blooming…and the weed seeds are sprouting.  Now is the best time to control weeds in your planting beds.  All perennial and annual weeds should be removed – we recommend only mechanical removal – not the use of harsh weed killing herbicides.  Most annual weeds are easily removed at this time of year before they have had a chance to develop strong root systems and most critically – create THOUSANDS of seeds.  Perennial (returns every year), weeds need their entire root system to be removed or they will come back.  Clean and rake your beds and then apply at least a two to three inch layer of mulch – preferably shredded hardwood, cedar or pine.  These mulches stay in place and shade the ground to prevent weed seeds from sprouting.

Lawn weeds are a little tougher to control naturally, but there is a product called WOW made from corn gluten that is a natural pre-emergent weed control product for lawns.  It will also stop any lawn seed from sprouting, so it should only be used if your lawn is established.