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Hire Landscaping and Hardscaping Experts in Annapolis

Hardscaping is a landscaping technique that creates hard areas, like streets, walkways and sidewalks. Most of this work is done in urban areas, but homes can receive this treatment. Hard materials look just as attractive as soft ones. Concrete is one material that looks very different when different colors and stamps are applied. In contrast, softscaping is a technique that mostly includes living creatures, like trees, plants and flowers. Landscaping Annapolis is not an amateur project, so hiring a qualified worker is the only way to get the best results.

Brick and concrete are common materials used to create paths and patios. Retaining walls are popular elements used to make borders between soft and hard earth. Some waterscapes that form borders are hardscapes, especially when the water is prevented from spilling into the soil. Some hardscapes are set up in difficult areas where plants cannot be placed. Some are placed in areas of significant human traffic.

Starting with hardscapes is important because it is the hardest to deal with. The injury risks are decreased because no plants get in the way. Some designers prefer curved items over straight ones. Curved walls and paths can soften the landscape. It is beneficial to create a style that differs from the typical, hard, straight lines that are seen in roads and driveways.

Constructing patios, creating walls and making fences are common  Annapolis hardscaping tasks. The design options are infinite in the minds of the designer and landscape owner. The best landscape contains both soft and hard features. Looking at all aspects is an important way to build long-term success. Ciminellis Landscaping Service has the skills and experience needed to design a personalized landscape with the style, border, pattern and material of choice. Every part of the project is discussed with the utmost care and thought. It is easy for new and current customers to call and ask about the services.