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Have you thrown your hands up to Mother Nature yet? If not, then  you must have had Ciminelli’s Landscape Services renovate your landscaping to include native plantings, properly chosen plants, rain barrels, rain gardens, drainage control and beautiful, low maintenance hardscaping. Most yards will look good in April and May, but the real test of the sustainability of your landscaping starts now. We can help you plan for the tougher times of the year so that your yard looks beautiful in every season.  Consider a hardscaping feature like a patio, walkway or planted retaining wall for a useful area that you can use year-round.  Install rain barrels and rain gardens to capture those flash summer rains.  Renovate your drainage to re-direct damaging water flows and finally, plant choice is critical for reducing maintenance.  Please give our office a call if you would like a free consultation and estimate for changes to your landscaping.

Hardscaping is a Great Investment

When individuals think about beautifying their outdoor space they typically think about living additions like trees, shrubs and flowers but permanent structures can be an even better investment in the long run.

Flowers, trees and shrubs are classified as landscaping; stone patios, retaining walls and stone steps are called hardscaping. Hardscaping offers a strong focal point for an outdoor area. Adding stone to existing features such as steps and walls is a good alternative when the existing layout of the area should be preserved.

A traditional patio can be taken to the next level with the addition of stone. Stone patios have a strong Mediterranean and European vibe which instantly beautifies and adds value to the home. A stone patio is stronger than wood and doesn’t require the care and upkeep of wood; stone is water resistant, unlike wood.

Having clearly defined walkways makes the outdoors pleasant to roam around in. With stone walkways the elements are not an issue and the stone work retains its beauty for years to come. Stone walkways are weed-proof and waterproof reducing time and maintenance costs.

Stone Water Features
Fountains and ponds are a multi-sensory experience that creates a luxurious and tranquil atmosphere. The air around the pond or fountain is cooled by the water and they attract various species of birds. A water feature is a one time investment that lasts for decades.

Retaining Walls
Instead of having unsightly concrete retaining walls in plain view why not cover it up and make it a focal point by going the stone route instead. The quality stone work is eye catching and attractive.

Hardscaping and Landscaping Combined
Stone features are easily accented with landscaping touches like decorative shrubs, flowers and foliage. The stone work provides the backbone and structure of the exterior space allowing for greater creativity with fewer plants which means that each and every plant in the yard can be a carefully selected favorite.

Stone hardscaping makes a beautiful addition to the exterior of a home that is elegant and maintenance free for years to come.

Customer Testimonials

Thank you very much for all your help with the driveway project. It came out great and we are very pleased with it! 
– Brian and Sue

Everything looks beautiful! Matt really understood our needs and gave us a great design. We will definitely recommend your company to our friends. 
– The Lehman’s

Thank you very much to Ciminelli’s Landscape Services for repairing our fire pit; what a fabulous job. The fire pit has brought our family much enjoyment with many evenings fires. It’s so pleasing to receive a compliment on our retaining wall and to know that I can confidently refer my family and friends to Ciminelli’s Landscape Services for an exceptional product with service and support after the purchase.
– Dave and Kathie

Just a short note to tell you how happy we are with our new front yard. Your crew were courteous and excellent workers. I was so impressed by their initiative. They all took pride in their work. Thank you so much!
– Carol and Arnie


What is the best way to handle snow and ice on your walkways, driveways or patios.  How about the snow flattening your beautiful foundation shrubs? If you are snowblowing, plowing or shoveling – be aware of the plants in the area you are moving the snow to.  This “manmade” snow cover is usually the most damaging because it is denser and slower to melt.  Natural snow cover is beneficial and acts as an insulator. If your plants are bending over from the weight of the snow and you are able to gently remove snow before heavy ice buildup – you can do so with a soft broom sweeping upward and allowing the snow to fall off the plants.  Do not attempt to remove ice or try to remove snow from overhead branches which can fall and cause injury or property damage. Prune any cracked or broken branches as soon as possible after the snow melt to prevent additional splintering or disease.

We recommend using ice melt products that are specifically designed for the  surface you are treating.  Concrete pavers and natural stone can be pitted and stained by salt, which can lead to cracking and failure.  (contact us if you have damaged pavers or stone – one of their major benefits is the ability to repair small areas without tearing up the entire surface )  Salt can also harm lawns and plants when it runs off your driveway. If your plants have been exposed to salt water and rinse well as soon as temperatures are above freezing. And don’t forget about all the salt you are bringing home on your car tires and shoes – rinse off your driveway and walkways.

Going Green with Eco Scaping

Whether it be to save water, save the environment or save money, eco-scaping offers a lot of options for garden-lovers. By using new technology as well as reusing resources, it possible to improve the look of a yard and use less tap water without causing detrimental damage to the environment. Think all of those lush lawns and gardens with fountains pay an arm and a leg for that beauty? Think they are all harming the environment? Think again.

Here are some simple ways you can change your garden. Instead of “landscaping,” try some of these suggestions to turn your yard into a beautiful “eco-scaped” scene:

Hard-scaping– Try using detailed tiles and neutral pavers to build beautiful opportunities for patios to rest on, paths to explore and driveways for spacious parking. By changing up your outside utopia to include these features, it not only makes your home more attractive and interesting, it can also save resources and money by reducing the need for expensive landscaping. This means that there is less water, fertilizer, pesticide and other chemical additives being used on those spaces. This keeps money in your wallet as well as reduces the impact of chemicals on the environment.

Retaining Walls– Add soil barriers that keep the ground soil in place as a way to reduce leaching, run-off and erosion. This can create beautiful, intricate scenes built at various levels around your yard as well as reduce the amount of topsoil leaving your yard. This helps reduce erosion, meaning your plants stay healthier and you do not have to replace the nutrient-rich topsoil as often.

Rainwater Collecting – Save the water that naturally comes into your yard during rain. This water can be used to water plants, fill ponds and fountains, wash cars, keep bird baths filled and complete other tasks around the yard without coming from your tap or undergoing expensive water treatment processes.

For a sample of all of these suggestions as well as other ways to work eco-scaping into your landscape, check out: https://www.ciminellislandscape.com/services/ Here, they offer a variety of services and options to increase the appearance and cost-efficiency of your yard while saving the environment.

Spring 2010 | Ciminelli’s Customer Testimonials

Spring 2010

Dear Matt,

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and recognize what a beautiful job Ciminelli’s Landscape Services did in transforming our back yard this spring. From your patience with us in developing the plan, to the professional way your crew conducted themselves, and the stone mason artistry and craftsmanship in installing the pavers – we are just simply thrilled the way it turned out. My wife and I have never used our back yard more, much to the delight of our friends and neighbors who are also astounded with the outcome.

It was equally a thrill to see our house showcased in the Annapolis newspaper in a featured article on “House metamorphosis “.  What a treat!

This project was a big deal for us- we did a lot of research in selecting the right company to contract with.

From beginning to end, your company validated our decision. We could not be happier and would be glad to recommend your services to anyone.

With much appreciation,
Cris & PJ Cunningham