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What is the best way to handle snow and ice on your walkways, driveways or patios.  How about the snow flattening your beautiful foundation shrubs? If you are snowblowing, plowing or shoveling – be aware of the plants in the area you are moving the snow to.  This “manmade” snow cover is usually the most damaging because it is denser and slower to melt.  Natural snow cover is beneficial and acts as an insulator. If your plants are bending over from the weight of the snow and you are able to gently remove snow before heavy ice buildup – you can do so with a soft broom sweeping upward and allowing the snow to fall off the plants.  Do not attempt to remove ice or try to remove snow from overhead branches which can fall and cause injury or property damage. Prune any cracked or broken branches as soon as possible after the snow melt to prevent additional splintering or disease.

We recommend using ice melt products that are specifically designed for the  surface you are treating.  Concrete pavers and natural stone can be pitted and stained by salt, which can lead to cracking and failure.  (contact us if you have damaged pavers or stone – one of their major benefits is the ability to repair small areas without tearing up the entire surface )  Salt can also harm lawns and plants when it runs off your driveway. If your plants have been exposed to salt water and rinse well as soon as temperatures are above freezing. And don’t forget about all the salt you are bringing home on your car tires and shoes – rinse off your driveway and walkways.