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Ciminelli’s Landscaping in Winter

Winter is no excuse for an Annapolis landscape and garden to not be tended to. Indeed, in some cases they may need more tending to than during the growing season,especially in climates that are cold in the winter. Left to the elements, some plants might freeze or be so damaged that it will be difficult for them to return to health, furniture that’s left outside might deteriorate, irrigation pipes may burst and expensive and prized garden tools can rust.

The professionals at Ciminelli’s Landscape Services know that snow can be a great insulator and even a great mulch, as it protects plants from freezing winds. However, snow that’s shoveled onto a plant can be damaging. Also, some evergreen trees should have snow gently brushed off of their boughs lest the weight of the snow cause the bughs to break. Rose bushes should be mulched up to their stems and if necessary protected by burlap. Salt de-icers should also be used judiciously or avoided all together. Ciminelli’s offers nonsalt de-icers for their customers.

The bulbs of canna lilies and gladiola should be taken up, stored in paper bags and brought indoors before the frost, but daffodils can be planted during the late fall and early winter to blossom in the spring and summer.

Lawns also need care during the winter. Winterizing the lawn in Annapolis should ideally begin in the late summer or fall. Thatch should be removed and the lawn should be aerated. During the fall, the lawn should have its last application of fertilizer for the year so it will have nutrients before the law goes dormant. The customer should take care not to allow salt to fall on the grass.

Tools, also should be put up for the winter. They should be cleaned and some, like pruners, should be oiled to stay sharp. Gas should be drained from lawn mowers and the blades should also be cleared of dead grass and debris. Ciminelli’s can see to all of their customer’s winterizing needs.

Residential or commercial customers who need their landscapes winterized shouldn’t hesitate to call Ciminelli’s Landscape Services, Inc. New customers call 410 734-2493, while current customers should call 410 741-9683.

Landscaping Tips for Early Winter in Annapolis

Many homeowners who are extremely fond of their gardens will resort to winter landscaping. They want to maintain the appearance at all times of the year. A winter garden particularly looks good against colorful holiday decorations. Maryland landscape services are available for yard owners who want to add color and vitality, even to an area that is covered in snow.

To create a winter landscape, it is ideal to lift landscaping ideas from other seasons. Many people want to work with flourishing plants and do not see the potential in a winter yard. Plants and flowers that have grown through the warmer seasons will be able to thrive in a colder background.

Landscaping Annapolis professionals know about the different winter-appropriate plants, like hollies, evergreens and eucalyptus plants that are available. In places with freezing temperatures, the area can be enlivened with a greenhouse that houses various plants and flowers. These perennials are taken out right after winter passes.

Including birds in the landscape is another suggestion. The few birds that do stick around will liven up the area. Heated baths and colorful feeders can be placed out in the open. In a snowy area, it is still possible to view birds as they move around. During the winter, snow removal makes it easier for animals. The most disappointing aspect is the way that the plants become damaged over time.

Evergreen trees are usually viewed as holiday decorative items. Evergreens are made to resist cold temperatures and add life. Tall trees provide protection against strong winds. Trees should be planted a few feet from the windows. Blocking wind and other elements will decrease the energy bills. There are many beneficial reasons to add a landscape in the early winter. With the seasons passing by quickly, it is crucial to contact a landscape design Annapolis service provider that manages property during the cold and warm months.


Get Ready– Winter is Coming

Bulbs Out, Bulbs In – Winterize A Flower Garden
Remove flowering bulb plants like gladiola and cannas from flower beds before the first frost. Store them indoors in brown paper bags in a moderately warm spot. Plant flowering bulb plants like tulips, belles of the snow, hyacinth and daffodils in autumn.

Pruning Trees And Shrubs With Care
Prune rose bushes and other shrubs with overgrowth before a first frost. Remove all dead limbs and branches from trees and flowering trees in autumn. This is a safety feature during wind storms and heavy snows and also encourages new growth when spring arrives. If trees or shrubs need transplanting to another location, this is the best time of the year to do that. Be sure to ball the roots with native soil before replanting.

Moderate Maintenance Protects Plants And Trees
Mulching plants with a lower tolerance for sub-zero temperatures is the best way to protect them. Mulch can be purchased at most local garden shops. Dried autumn leaves are a natural mulch that nature provides as a covering for soil and plants. Pine needles also help to retain sufficient soil temperatures. Many gardeners find this an economical way to protect their flower gardens.

Winterize The Lawn
Part of the winterizing process should include the lawn. In late summer, make certain the lawn bed has been sufficiently cleared of matted grass. When the first signs of cooler temperatures arrive, it’s time to finish the season with a last layer of fertilizer. Fertilizing lawns in mid-autumn allows the soil to absorb nutrients until the first frost when the lawn begins to lay dormant. This is also a good time to keep weeds in check with an end-of-season weed retardant.

Storing Garden Tools and Other Outdoor Maintenance
Before storing garden tools and watering hose make sure they have been wiped free of debris. Some tools may require a little oil at this time. Remove gasoline from lawn mowers and make sure the underside is free of dead grass and debris. Don’t forget to shut off the exterior water faucet to protect it from ice buildup.