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Why Good Drainage is Important for Every Landscape

While it may not be as apparent or beautiful as garden pathways and blooming trees, good drainage is just as important to make any landscape attractive and functional. In fact, without proper drainage, all of the funds spent on beautifying the landscape could be wasted when it erodes or drowns due to improper drainage.

The greatest danger of not having good drainage installed in the landscape is erosion. Throughout the year, rainfall and other precipitation will cause soil runoff in the yard which will literally carry landscaping away with it. Besides wasting money spent on beautiful yards and gardens, erosion can actually decrease the value of the property by lessening yard area and creating sloping ground. Over time, this is especially dangerous near houses or other buildings as it can cause foundations to shift or sink, making the building unsafe to inhabit and leading to expensive home repairs.

If improper drainage is not causing unwanted erosion and runoff, it can still ruin property by collecting in soil and creating standing water puddles. Too much standing water will easily drown grass and other plants, killing vegetation that was intended to make the property more beautiful. Even worse, these puddles of still water can easily become a breeding ground for unwanted insects like mosquitoes. These pests are not only annoying to humans, but they can also transmit harmful diseases to people, pets, and plants nearby. Too much moisture in the soil will cause plant roots to become susceptible to fungus and mold as well.

Good drainage in a landscape will prevent all of these dangers, and also ensure the health and longevity of landscaping. Best of all, professional landscapers have many options for installing drainage solutions that will add to the overall attractiveness of the landscape. Effective drainage is a subtle but crucial way to keep that landscaping looking beautiful for years to come.