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Preparations for a Beautiful Landscape and Successful Spring Planting

Emerging from the shadow of winter’s gloom, spring is the ideal time for taking stock of a home’s landscaping and flower beds. A homeowner or a professional landscaper should first walk around the garden and check for signs of winter damage, and decide what needs to be repaired, extended or created to neaten or improve […]

Add a Pool Deck to a Backyard

Pool decks are unparalleled in their ability to wow guests when they come over for a visit. Homeowners with concrete sidewalks or patios around their pools should consider adding a deck to all or a portion of the area around the pool. The spring is a great time to add a deck to a pool […]

Landscape Lighting: Practical and Attractive Solutions

Landscape lighting makes a dramatic difference in the appearance of the lawn and garden, giving the home or business’ exterior space an inviting glow. Various lights placed strategically can make the outdoors magical or floodlight yard art or objects such as a patriotic flag. Then, the lighting is practical helping to provide the safety of […]

Customer Testimonials

Thank you for beautiful transformation in our back yard. It’s gorgeous! Jose – you and your crew were very professional, courteous and innovative. The craftsmanship and detail you put into the stone work and grill were top notch! We look forward to many years of entertaining back there. The Bergman’s   Just a short note […]

Get Ready– Winter is Coming

Bulbs Out, Bulbs In – Winterize A Flower Garden Remove flowering bulb plants like gladiola and cannas from flower beds before the first frost. Store them indoors in brown paper bags in a moderately warm spot. Plant flowering bulb plants like tulips, belles of the snow, hyacinth and daffodils in autumn. Pruning Trees And Shrubs […]

Why Good Drainage is Important for Every Landscape

While it may not be as apparent or beautiful as garden pathways and blooming trees, good drainage is just as important to make any landscape attractive and functional. In fact, without proper drainage, all of the funds spent on beautifying the landscape could be wasted when it erodes or drowns due to improper drainage. The […]

Eco Friendly Landscaping

A dirty secret surrounding landscaping is that while the process can make a lawn look stunning, it also has a negative impact on the environment. A lot of landscapers use harsh chemicals and equipment that is anything but energy efficient. If you want to improve the appearance of your yard without harming Mother Nature, you […]

Landscaping in Late Summer

If you want to make your home even more beautiful on the outside, you should consider landscaping your home. Landscaping can add a lot of appeal to even the smallest homes and in some cases can even add to the value of the property that your home is on. If you are considering landscaping, there […]

Native Plantings

For the gardnener who is willing to take a walk on the wild side, landscaping with native plants may be the perfect outlet. With so much emphasis being placed on having manicured lawns and hedges that are neat and well-defined, native plants and trees are often rejected in favor of popular non-natives. Native Plants Have […]


Have you thrown your hands up to Mother Nature yet? If not, then  you must have had Ciminelli’s Landscape Services renovate your landscaping to include native plantings, properly chosen plants, rain barrels, rain gardens, drainage control and beautiful, low maintenance hardscaping. Most yards will look good in April and May, but the real test of the […]